My first FPV experience

I stumbled across a tiny, eeny, meeny, miny, moe drone, the Eachine E011. It’s a $15 drone including transmitter. It’s rock solid. Believe me. Don’t look any further, this baby ist powerful and fun. You don’t need any more cheap drones. This is it. Doubledownperoidnow.

As banggood sounds so well, I decided to order more ultimatively necessary stuff from them starting with FPV goods. As besides the flying object, FPV needs a camera,  surprise, surprise, I bought some cameras with them good bangers off coast.

FPV means that you wear goggles and you can see what the camera, which is mounted on your drone, can see. It feels like piloting. And it hasn't to be expensive.Did I say fascinating?

Below you find a selection of cameras for the E011 and similar toys. As those cameras combine a video camera and a video sending transmitter, they only need power to operate. So easy. And cheap. Sub $20.

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Whats going on with Site5 Hosting?

I have been a very proud and very content user of Site5 Hosting Services since 2006. The support was immaculate, their response time as well, I could send mails or tickets and their staff immediately got back to me. I was so happy!

This changed starting 2015 when Site5 was acquired by EIG, got worse in 2016 and is unbearable in 2017. I will tell you why I want to leave as fast as possible.

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