VPN again – or how to protect and survive

Yes, yes, using a VPN has quite some advantages. You can impose that your internet requests derive from a PC in another country and therefore use that feature to overcome regional locks that are put in place to protect local markets. In the early day I bought all steam games using VPN. In the later days I watched some movies with Hulu or Netflix using VPN. Both doesn’t matter anymore as those companies adjusted their portfolio (steam) or simply ban VPN users (Netflix). It’s still usefull to check how your website looks from anywhere in the world or to access regional information while planning your vacation.

Let’s say you travel to Singapore. Now you start running google search for your interests (food, concerts etc.) but as your computer is not in Singapore, local results will always chase away the relevant ones (for that case).

Simply launching a VPN connection to a server in Singapure, google for “restaurant” and you will get local results. As easy as it sounds.

Bottom line, it’s usefull and if you feel like using a VPN, consider ExpressVPN, it’s fast, convenient, acceptably cheap, stable and has some nice features like RTC- and DNS-leak protection (both technologies make sure that your PC really looks like it’s in Singapore and doesn’t “leak” your real local information from your Internet Service Provider ISP).