Whats going on with Site5 Hosting?

I have been a very proud and very content user of Site5 Hosting Services since 2006. The support was immaculate, their response time as well, I could send mails or tickets and their staff immediately got back to me. I was so happy!

This changed starting 2015 when Site5 was acquired by EIG, got worse in 2016 and is unbearable in 2017. I will tell you why I want to leave as fast as possible.

Site5 boasted to have backups they will gladly restore for you. My request for a restore in April 2016 was replied with “We are still investigating the backups issue for you.” where they only found 2 of 30 backups, both of which were corrupted and contained only file level, no databases. They were never able to restore any backup.

In late 2016 I realized that one of my sites as not connecting to “other” sites anymore e.g. couldn’t update WordPress. After 23h I still got no reply to my ticket but it suddenly worked again. Thank god

Now in March 2017 I realize that a site is down with “Error 500” so I tried to open a ticket by mail, as I was used. That was rejected with “Direct Email Ticket Creation Is Not Supported” – that’s a new one.

I then tried to create a ticket in the backstage login where I was told that I first have to confirm my e-mail. But they never send a confirmation message.

STUCK with no support and can’t reach them from Europe.  I could call them…just kidding…

Stay away from Site5. Many already did, here you learn why.